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Castings Inc., 860 4th Avenue, Grand Junction, Colorado, is located in Western Colorado normally identified as" the Western Slope" of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Initially established in 1920 as a cast iron foundry to serve the growing mining, railroad, food processing and municipal trade requirements, it has undergone changes of name and ownership over the years where each new management retained the progressive theme established by the original company.

Castings Inc. has introduced to the trade a line of municipal water and sewer castings which are cast in our permanent mold foundry and made with Aluminum alloys. These alloys are suitable for municipal and construction uses. Acceptance of these products has been growing due to the alloys greater strength. ductility. and reduction of up to 64% of gross weight in comparison to cast iron. In addition to our municipal castings we are capable of manufacturing most industrial aluminum castings in our permanent mold facilities to meet the buyer's needs.

Today. our facility covers five acres accessible to rail, truck and airline facilities. We also maintain our own fleet of truck trailer units for service to our customers.

We are pleased to introduce to you the products presently produced with proven design, construction, and reliability. We are progressive, expanding in all areas of research, methods, products, materials and distribution.

All inquiries are invited and encouraged and your consideration of using our permanent mold sandcast facilities to manufacture your specific aluminum product requirements would be sincerely appreciated.

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