Details & Specifications

Cast iron and Aluminum castings shall be true to form and free from sand, blowholes, cracks and shall be well cleaned by shotblasting when needed. Bearing surfaces between manhole rings and covers or grates shall be cast or machined flat to insure a uniform surface throughout the area of contact.

Manufacture (Cast Iron & Ductile Iron)
Metal used in the manufacture of "CASTING INC." cast iron products shall conform to ASTMA48 class 35 or A48 class 30. Castings meet H-20 & HS-20 specifications where applicable. All ductile iron castings conform to ASTM A536-84 grade 80-55-12, unless otherwise specified in your order and / or acknowledged at the time of order.

Manufacture (Aluminum)
Heavy duty aluminum castings are manufactured to H-20 load ratings.

Castings weights shall be as specified on the drawings and shall vary within permitted tolerances +/-5%. Deminsions may vary in castings due to shrinkage, no greater than +/- 1/16 inch per foot.

Cast iron castings shall be furnished either unpainted or painted in accordance with purchaser specifications. Painted casting shall be coated with a factory applied bituminous paint.


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