About Castings Inc.

What We Do - Castings Inc. manufactures everything from manhole ring and covers to meter pit covers and tree grates. View our product catalog for details, drawings, and specifications.

Materials We Use - Heavy duty Aluminum, Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Plastic & Steel. All products conform to ASTMA48 class 35 or A48 class 30. Castings meet H-20 & HS-20 specifications where applicable..

Contact Info

860 4th Ave | P.O. Box 669 |
Grand Junction, CO 81502

Main Office Phone
(970) 243-2032
Fax: (970) 242-4962
Email: mark@gjci.com

Denver Office
Phone: (303) 898-7003
Fax: (303) 659-2128
Email: jim@gjci.com


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